One of our greatest assets are our staff: A team of long standing, experienced and qualified staff. As a setting we exceed the ratio’s set by Ofsted both in terms of staff and their levels of qualifications.

Our staff are all committed to ensuring that your children receive the highest level of care and they develop their careers by regularly attending training programmes with Speech and Language development being a speciality . Staff have also been trained to deliver ‘Early Talk Boost’ targeted intervention to help boost language skills of pre-school children.

Tracy – Manager & DCP
Jane – Finance/Office Administrator

Seahorse Room

Belinda – Room Leader & ENCO
Lesley – Room Leader (Weds)
Tricia – Keyworker
Molly – Keyworker
Andrew – Keyworker
Sarah – Keyworker

Starfish Room

Lesley – Room Leader
Anna – Keyworker
Tor – Keyworker
Carolyn – Keyworker
Helen – Keyworker
Jo – Keyworker (Maternity Leave)

Dolphin Room

Linda – Room Leader, Deputy
Karen H – Keyworker
Tor – Assistant
Stacey – Assistant
Helen – Assistant

After School Club

Tor – Playleader
Molly – Playworker
Stacey – Playworker
Andrew – Playworker

Relief & Students

Kerry – Assistant