Burwell Early Learners CIO is a charitable foundation situated in the large, rural village of Burwell, Cambridgeshire.

We aim to provide all members of the local community with a safe, happy and stimulating environment for young children to become confident and start to develop many of the skills that they will require when they start school through a play structured approach.

We are a term-time only setting. We cater for children from 16 months to pre-school.

Our Vision

At Burwell Early Learners CIO we strive to provide for all children, a happy and fully engaging environment. Allowing them to learn to their full potential by being inquisitive, curious, an explorer, a communicator and creative. Building each child’s independence whilst building resilience and perseverance by meeting new challenges in preparation for their life’s journey.

Our Staff

One of our greatest assets are our staff, a team of long standing, experienced and highly qualified staff. We work to statutory framework and Ofsted guidance on our staff:child ratio and staff qualification requirements. Your child will be allocated a named keyperson on starting at the setting and transition to a new room.

Our Curriculum

At BEL we deliver a progressive curriculum based on Birth to 5 matters guidance. We ensure that children are exposed using a learning through play approach, to a varied enabling environment, resources, activities and experiences, relevant to their interests which cover the areas of learning. Through these opportunities the children can develop life-long skills and retain knowledge which they can draw upon in future years as they make links to their learning.

Why choose us?

We provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age

We work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop

We add to the life and well-being of the local community

We offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity

Come and join the fun!

Our setting is a bright, sunny building which has three large, separate rooms. All of these rooms have their own outdoor space with direct access to an extremely large main play area.


happy children


safe classrooms


staff members

Burwell Early Learners CIO

We offer sessions according to demand, generally the Dolphin Room offers morning sessions, the Starfish Room offers mornings, lunches and afternoons as the children reach the age of three and the Seahorse Room offers mornings, lunches and afternoon sessions which can be taken as a full day.

Dolphin room

The Dolphin Room welcomes children aged from 16 months and generally offers morning sessions.

Starfish room

The Starfish Room welcomes children aged from 2.5 years and generally offers all day sessions.

Seahorse room

The Seahorse Room welcomes children in their pre-school year and generally offers mornings, lunches and afternoon sessions which can be taken as a full day.

We are registered with Cambridgeshire County Council and Ofsted and received a grading of Good in their last inspection of November 2023.